Isaac Yong

Finger-Style Guitarist, Male Vocalist, Song Writer


Isaac showed his inclination for music early in life. At the mere age of 5, he was playing melodies from TV dramas by the ear on the piano at home. At 16-year-old, Isaac picked up the violin and joined the strings orchestra in school. Guitar proved to be his true love however, as he picked it up from a friend later in the year and never stopped playing the guitar since. After relocating to Singapore for school at the age of 19, Isaac started singing and received praise for his soothing voice.

Isaac has shown his innate musicality throughout his schooling years, first through transcribing of his favourite tunes from the likes of Dream FM, Jay Chou and Wang Li Hom, before moving on to composing his own original songs. His strong interest in music led him to study various instruments, and enabled him to apply different techniques across instruments in his songs and arrangements.

In 2015, Isaac's songwriting ability was recognised in the well-established MusicXpress songwriting competition 《飞乐时空 – 中文歌曲创作比赛》 jointly organised by the NTU Chinese Society, Touch Publishing and Ocean Butterflies Music. His entry 《深夜》 won Champion, and kick-started his music career.

周興哲【你,好不好?】翻唱 | Isaac Yong 楊征宇

王力宏《沒有眼淚的世界 x 不要害怕》 組曲翻唱 Medley Cover | Isaac Yong 楊征宇

《默》 - 那英 Cover | Isaac Yong 杨征宇