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Ian Soh

Pianist, Music Director and Arranger


Ian is a highly sought ­after performer with an extensive vocabulary of musical styles. He is one of very few musicians in Singapore who can be called upon to perform
fluently in any genre.

His sensitivity to dynamics and impeccable sense of rhythm finds him driving the core of any ensemble he plays in. Apart from Dreambird Music, he also leads two very successful lounge and party bands in the foreign expatriate network. 


Key accolades and performances:

  • ­ Battle Of The Bands Champions ­2002 ­

  • Private performance for President Nathan & International Diplomats @ Istana ­2004 ­

  • Music Director for Mathilda D’Silva (Singapore Idol) for
    Esplanade Concerts ­ 2008 to 2015 ­

  • Residencies at various venues ­ 2008­ to present ­

  • Music Director for Dreambird Music ­ 2011 to present 

Corporate Event-
- Ian on Keyboard

光年之外 - GEM - Live Version by Little Band Plus
- Ian on Keyboard

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