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Tingzhi Hz 黄亭之

Co-founder, Singer,  Song Writer, Lyricist

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A Singaporean singer-songwriter who gained recognition in the live music scene. Her captivating performances and original compositions, including the beloved track "Miss You Crazy," have showcased her enchanting vocals and electrifying stage presence. She has performed at prestigious events such as Thailand's Suphanburi Music Festival, Hong Kong's Stari Music Competition, and Singapore's Esplanade Theatres by the Bay. Following the success of "Miss You Crazy," Tingzhi Hz released an EP in 2020 and an album in 2022, further solidifying her musical journey. Her EP and album offerings showcase her artistic growth and exploration of different dimensions in her music


With over 10 years of live performance experience across Asia. Tingzhi Hz has evolved into a full-fledged artiste known for her singing and songwriting prowess. Those who have witnessed her live performances can attest to her commitment to delivering the best music experience.


Tingzhi Hz continues to captivate audiences with her mesmerizing music, showcasing her dedication and passion in the industry.


Key accolades and performances:

  • Represented Singapore in the 2013 Suphanburi Music Festival performance in Thailand

  • Sang the theme song of MediaCorp TV serial BeyondX, the song won highly commended award in the 18th Asian TV Awards and
    also nominated Best Theme Song in Star Awards 2014. 

  • Represented Singapore to compete in Hong Kong’s Stari Music Competition

  • Performed solo concert at Esplanade, and a “SOLD OUT” showcase in
    Johor Bahru, Malaysia. 

  • Made appearances on Singapore Radio Stations - Yes 933, Capital 958, and UFM100.3

  • Featured on Straits Time, ZaoBao, Nu You Magazine, 8 World and MTV Asia.

  • Featured on Malaysia’s media platforms such as Sin Chew Daily, China Press Digital, Oriental Daily News, Yes Boss Asia, 8tv Malaysia and radio station - 988.

Learn more about Tingzhi Hz 黄亭之 @tingzhi.hz and her music journey:

Tingzhi Hz on Spotify:



YouTube :


Official Music Video

In Oct 2019, Mary has release her latest single - Apprehensive Lover 胆小情人. Check out the song's official music video below now.

黄亭之 创作 TingZhi's Original

黄亭之 创作 TingZhi's Original

黄亭之 创作 TingZhi's Original
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黃亭之Hz - 膽小情人 Apprehensive Lover【官方MV】OFFICIAL MV

黃亭之Hz - 膽小情人 Apprehensive Lover【官方MV】OFFICIAL MV

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发了疯的想你 | Miss You Crazy - 黄亭之Tingzhi Hz 单曲【官方MV】Official Music Video

发了疯的想你 | Miss You Crazy - 黄亭之Tingzhi Hz 单曲【官方MV】Official Music Video

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黄亭之 Hz‬–‭ ‬不夠‭ ‬My Dear Brother‭ 【‬官方MV‭】‬ OFFICIAL‭ ‬MV

黄亭之 Hz‬–‭ ‬不夠‭ ‬My Dear Brother‭ 【‬官方MV‭】‬ OFFICIAL‭ ‬MV

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