Caleb Tay

Pianist, Male Vocalist, Music Arranger


Caleb is a graduate of the renowned Berklee College of Music in Boston, U.S.A. His early musical influences include a mix of English Pop, Mandopop and Christian Contemporary Music. And during his time at Berklee, he was exposed to many genres of music (Blues, Jazz, Hip-hop, R&B... etc) These helped open his horizons in music and shaped his diverse musicality.

As a pianist, he has played for many live shows and events, and he has also done session work for albums. He has worked with local acts such as Nathan Hartono, Daphne Khoo and The Freshman. He played on Daphne Khoo’s track, “Weak”, which was very well received and was performed live at the SEA (Southeast Asia) Games Launch in 2015; it was also used in Wong Fu Productions’ short film, “After Us”.

Other experiences include playing for foreign artists, such as, Hana Kim (an independent singer-songwriter from Los Angeles), and The Will Park at the Kollaboration 2015 Showcase at The Los Angeles Theatre Center. He also shared the stage with Asian-American Artiste, David Choi.

In 2016, he took up the role as the Music Director for a local singing competition, Xinyao Competition 2016 Grand Finals, held at Capitol Theatre.

Currently, he can be found gigging weekly at Starker Q WWP. He is also a proficient arranger and produces his own music and other projects on the side.