Huang TingZhi 黄亭之

Lead Singer, Song Writer


Huang TingZhi 黄亭之, is blessed with a musical talent. Growing up from a humble family in Malaysia, she developed a passion for singing from as early as 5 years old. Taking part in numerous singing competition, she has won many accolades in both Malaysia and Singapore. 


With over 10 years of live performance experience across different platform spanning from Singapore, Malaysia to Thailand. She has performed on stage with popular singing duo PowerStation (动力火车), Singapore singer Kit Chan (陈洁仪), Mavis Hee (许美静), Eric Moo (巫启贤) & etc. 


After calling Singapore her home in 2011, she started working with local musicians on developing her own brand of music, hoping to tell her story to her audience in her own way. Those that have seen her life performance will attest that she strive to bring across the best live music experience to you.


Learn more about Huang TingZhi 黄亭之 @huangtingzhi and her music journey:

2007 海蝶非常歌手训练班第4届, 荣获最佳歌唱实力奖 & 最受欢迎女学生奖. 与By2, Ferlyn G, 黄靖伦同届.

2012 为新传媒八频道- X元素 (Beyond) 电视剧演唱主题曲 《呼吸》, 词: 乐声 | 曲: 乐子

2013 X元素 (Beyond) 电视剧主题曲《呼吸》在第18届 Asian Television Awards 荣获高度赞扬奖 (Highly Commended Award)

2013 在泰国举办的 Suphanburi Music Festival 表演两首歌曲. 也与来自泰国, 韩国, 缅甸, 柬埔寨的歌手们同台为音乐节剪彩.

2014 X元素 (Beyond) 电视剧主题曲《呼吸》入围2014年红星大奖,最佳电视剧主题曲.


2014 发表第一首创作歌曲 《发了疯的想你》参加本地创作比赛 Impresario 2014, 荣获第三名. 

2016 星韜之星理想歌手音乐比賽, 与来自香港, 菲利宾, 加拿大, 台湾, 马来西亚, 新加坡的选手比赛. 在香港总决赛中-荣获季軍.

2016 参加由 Funkie Monkies Publisher 举办的词曲创作营. 与其他三位创作人合作, 合写的歌曲, 荣获《最佳歌曲》Winners for Best Song Category in Funkie Monkies Song Writing Camp 

2016 加入Funkie Monkies Publisher. 成为旗下的歌曲创作人.


2017 发行个人首张单曲《欢迎光临》及《发了疯的想你》

2019 发行两张个人单曲《不够》及《胆小情人》

Official Music Video

In Oct 2019, Mary has release her latest single - Apprehensive Lover 胆小情人. Check out the song's official music video below now.