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Justin Lim


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Justin has been performing ever since he was 10 years old. It started when he was inducted as a trumpeter into a dancing brass band. Besides performing in the predetermined shows and competitions that the school has set out for the band, Justin has additionally been invited as a guest trumpeter in 2 schools and also to join Mus’Art Wind Orchestra. This path as a trumpeter was forced to end 7 years later as he started wearing braces, though this was not to be the end of his music journey.


Being raised in a musical family, Justin answered the call to a 2nd instrument at age 12, that of which he plays till this current day. A rewarding choice that has proven to be, as Justin has since then garnered experiences; playing the drumkit and ethnic drums in the genres of pop, progressive metal, reggae, funk, traditional brazilian/african/indian music; as a performer and teacher; in schools, corporate events, weddings, live music venues, busking, festivals, tv broadcast; locally, and in Malaysia, Korea, India and China.


In an art form that’s eternal and boundless, Justin is in incessant development of his sound and his ideas. Today, you can find him circuiting the pub scene, playing his heart out - as he has always had since 10.

郭富城之夜-Aaron Kwok Night with Little Band Plus
Justin on Drum

Little Band Plus presents Songs by Local Artistes           新加坡创作
Justin on Drum

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